Color In The Gray Machine

by Mind The Journey

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Color In The Gray Machine is the first official album by Boston based artist Spencer Sabo.


released January 5, 2016

All tracks written and recorded by Spencer Sabo except where noted:
Rose Colored Glass - Chris Worden (Bass)
Dancing On The Sun - Ben Shorten (Bass)



all rights reserved


Mind The Journey Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

From playing in bands to working on various other creative projects, Spencer Sabo has crafted his own breed of psychedelic music, stuck between eternal daydreams and colored shadows.

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Track Name: Desserts
Dazed and amused
vibes in the room
Ends well, nights in the skyline
Your move, always on time
Feels like drowning in moonshine
stay afloat, everybody’s watching you
here you gotta play your role

When I come up to you
will you take my hand
swimming down the river, dance floor, there’s more
Numb to your own thoughts
a little drink will help a lot
I know
Paddle back home
Track Name: Interdimensional Romance
Interdimensional Romance
We live in our dimension
we won’t stop to question
dancing through the empty street
I love how you can see
and I…

Time moves slowly
can’t wait to put your arms around me
Time moves slowly
can’t wait for you to move around me

All i can think about
I was lost and then found
Can i remind you when we
got out our glowsticks always
bright, light

Time moves slowly
can’t wait to put your arms around me
Time moves slowly
can’t wait for you to move around me
Track Name: Rose Colored Glass
You are wasting, what you could be
one of the options, not in-between ‘em
be productive, give up your dreams
ima make it, i’ll make it with not help from you…just for you
take the pill don’t know what i want
I can’t wait to prove you right, i’m wasted space: I’m alive.

What’s wrong with seeing the world through rose colored glass
it blooms but will he shatter, who knows

When faith is tried, will you turn to what’s inside
and fall, when nobody answers you,
they can’t.
Track Name: Dream Demon
Wait around for the end of days
it’s not far here
Passion is vile when it is set adrift
vacated empathy

No turning back, the vacuum is sealed from inside
And i want to be free, but i don’t have the controls
inbound, lock and load, your soul, when it meets the heat

Let me choose your fate, and close the door
trade me your delusions for a sheepskin corps
Locked into a box, countdown the days
Leave me alone (3x)
Track Name: Atmintis (Pass The Haze)
Do we just exist in your mind
Remnants that cut off with time
fighting for a chance to play
a game where every path leads astray

But with you (3x)

the sky is clear, i can see the ground
all that matters is the now

puffin away into the night
instigating internal fright
but what exists is only there
a part of someones nightmare
What can we do with them, I don’t know

With you
Track Name: Egophoria
If you are there, when will you show me your face
Over again, habits make it hard to break
Everyday is the same tune, dreaming of what i could do
stuck in my head, floating down the stream
Overused excuses, is this who you think it is?
go back to sleep, I only dream at night
Time to be, set me free, time to be my own man
Loving you delusions, leave me in a foggy mess

When does a shadow
Overthrow until it cannot breath,

when does a shadow, raise the question whether i am me.

why can’t i shadow, infiltrate to turn life black and white,
it’s shallow to think the green is on the other side.
Am i a shadow (2x)
Track Name: Boats
Baby, listen, listen to my words
I’ve grown, i’ve died inside for you baby
All these thoughts around
Ma’ baby

You’re working against me
Oh no, oh no
Here comes the lovin’
There it goes

I need
To breath
Relief in every way
Watch out
You’re loud
It’s all the same

I cannot see the open waters without boats inside the frame
You’re just a muse, i’m unamused
Not knowing my thoughts aren’t sane
When worlds collide I know we’re safe
We can wander into space
Come far with me
Until our dreams
Glow into eternity

Take your hands
Take my hand

Built a
From this land
In your hand
Track Name: Noise Gate
Talking to ourselves, about how we can help
Sleep tends to shut them off, until they invade our thoughts

Hey can’t you see, your innocence is ignorance
born without a paddle to row, so here you go, make me more
your lifeline is in my hands, no demands
don’t waste your time, let go, your too slow
oh shopping sprees not slavery, you signed up
In time you might climb, pick up hours, pick up days, wasted your not alive
whats inside? perfect crime

Hell no, oh no, what was it worth?
Take my, free thoughts now, and swallow
I don’t need thoughts now, I am living large

Take lives and put them through, long days this people zoo
I love the system, and the system loves me
are we alive? we’ll never know, don’t have control.
Bring me your friends, keeping the trends, sound
Track Name: Delta Wave
Older we get, smaller the thought
Our conflicts, daily, quick release, all that you’re taught

There is a void in,
Space where we
Keep our hopes and dreams all,
tucked away, to lose

What a luxury it is to think about the unknown,
When i wake up will the blindfold be on.

There is a void in,
Space where we
Keep our hopes and dreams all,
tucked away, to lose (2x)